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This webpage is dedicated to showing pictures of some of the most damaged and least maintained equipment we come across here in Panama City Beach. Many of our customers ask "what are the advantages of having routine maintenance performed on my air conditioning and heating equipment?" Well, the old saying of "a picture is worth a thousand words" never proved more true than with air conditioning and heating equipment. These pictures are all authentic and are of equipment that Quincy's Air Conditioning has either worked on, or replaced. Is yours on this page? Take a look........................

This condenser coil has some very bad damage from salt corrosion. Salt corrosion is very common in our area due to the salt-air from the Gulf of Mexico. When a condenser coil gets this bad, the customer will either have to replace the condenser coil, or the whole condenser. There is no way to repair this type of damage other than replacement. When it is time to replace your air conditioning and heating system, CALL THE MAN!! for your best deal.
The bottom of this condensing unit has nearly rusted completely away. When the basepan suffers this much damage, it's probably time to replace the unit. This system will become extremely inefficient and operate unsatisfactory because the air will not flow through the condenser coil--the air will actually come up from underneath the unit, thus causing the unit to run high head pressures and not cool/heat as it should. Before your unit starts looking like this, you could CALL THE MAN!! for some routine maintenance.
Another example of salt corrosion. Once these fins are in this condition, it's too late. Although routine maintenance will not completely stop this effect, it will slow it down considerably. CALL THE MAN!! and let us help you save your air conditioning and heating sytem.
A rusted filter drier is another very common occurence here on the Gulf Coast. These driers are constructed of steel and are prone to rust quickly. Even though they are coated with a thick paint, they normally start to rust within 2 years from the date of installation. One suggestion we make to our customers who live very close to the Gulf of Mexico, is to have this filter drier installed near the inside Air Handler/Furnace in order to keep it from rusting out so quickly. For other helpful services, hints, and answers to your questions about air conditioning and heating,
This is a stopped up condenser coil. As you can see from the pic, there is absolutely no way for air to flow through this coil. Once the air stops flowing freely through the coil, the air conditioning and heating system begins operating ineffectively. Routine maintenance will help prevent your condenser coil from looking like this one. If your condenser coil looks like this, or even close, you WILL be guaranteed problems when you try to operate your air conditioning and heating system.

Don't wait until then....CALL THE MAN!!
This picture is of a dirty evaporator coil, which is the coil inside of your furnace/air handling unit. The material you see blocking this evaporator coil is dust, pet dander, and other extremely small matter that DOES make it past the air filter. After several months and years of operation, most evaporator coils begin looking like this one. The results of this problem are low air flow from your air conditioning vents, poor efficiency of the air conditioning and heating system, freezing up, and several other problems. The remedy requires the evaporator coil to be removed from the furnace, and chemically cleaned and washed out thoroughly. Many companies will only recommend what we in the business refer to as a "surface cleaining", which is brushing down the evaporator coil Although that is a viable short-term solution, the long-term remedy to the problem is a chemical cleaning.

CALL THE MAN!! for all of your air filtration and air conditioning maintenance needs.

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