Quincy's Heating & A/C has finally done it. We now have a Customer Service Plan that combines the following into one EASY & AFFORDABLE plan:

Diagnostic Fees
Maintenance Check-ups
Equipment Repairs

Compare the costs of these items separately to the SAVINGS you'll receive by becoming a "Priority One" customer....

**Typical 2-Ton System in 1 year**
  • 1 Diagnostic Fee/Service Call(Avg.)--$69.00/Weekends, Holidays,etc. normally start at $100.00 and go up.
  • 2 Maintenance Check-ups(Avg.)--$178.00 and up.
  • 1 Equipment Repair(Avg.)--$250.00/Compressor replacements can cost as much as $1500.00 depending on the tonnage of the system.
  • Total(Avg.)--$497.00 if you're lucky and only need these 3 items performed on your system in 1 year.

  • Repairs also mean unexpected expenses and aggravation. Most systems will require more than the above items.

With our "PRIORITY ONE" program, you'll receive all of the above, plus:
  • Never pay a Diagnostic Fee no matter when you call.
  • 3 Maintenance Check-ups per year(once every 4 months).
  • Automatic repair/replacement of faulty components in the system.  No more unexpected expense!!
  • Receive a 25% savings in the event you replace your equipment!
  • TOTAL VALUE--Well over $750.00

The "PRIORITY ONE" plan takes the headache and inconvenience out of A/C repairs and maintenance. EVERYTHING is done AUTOMATICALLY for you, so you can relax and know the problem has been taken care of. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

"PRIORITY ONE" plans range in price from $35.00 to $50.00 per month depending on the tonnage of your A/C system. This program is available for ANY brand of equipment.

Call 850-235-8834 or today for pricing and billing information. Only a limited number of customers will be signed up for this program. Certain exclusions apply.