We've been asked by many customers over the years, "when is the best time to buy air conditioning and heating equipment?". Well, right here, right now, you'll find the answer to that question, and learn the secret that most A/C companies won't tell you.

Unfortunately for HVAC Contractors, our industry is purely weather driven. If the weather is mild and doesn't require consumers to operate their HVAC system, repair business and equipment sales slow down considerably. On the other hand, if temperatures soar into the high 90's and 100's, or drop into the 20's and 30's, most A/C companies have more work than they can handle. Then, the inevitable comes along--the local temperatures become mild and pleasant and most consumers turn their HVAC systems off completely. This is known as the "off season" for HVAC companies.

Here's the secret:
The absolute best time to buy HVAC equipment, have major HVAC repairs done, or have maintenance performed on your HVAC system, is during the off-season.

Because during the off-season, nearly every Air Conditioning and Heating company around begins slashing prices on everything they sell and do. They do this for several reasons:

*It keeps the employees busy and employed
*It provides cash flow
*It pays bills
*It helps some companies reach year-end quotas
*They normally don't mark products down in the summertime because they may be paying more for the products. See, many equipment distributors reduce their prices during the off-season as well, because when HVAC Contractors quit selling equipment and parts, they quit buying from the distributors--thus reducing the distributor's business.

Why wouldn't most A/C Contractors want you to know this secret?
Who knows? Maybe they're afraid their customers wouldn't buy during the regular A/C or Heating seasons. Here at Quincy's, we don't worry about that. We want the best for our customers and strive to give the best service, prices, and advice all year long. We realize that helping our customers, looking out for their well-being, and treating & advising them just like we would our own families, will actually help us in the long-run 

When is our local off-season?
Here in Bay County and the surrounding areas, the off-season for HVAC Contractors is between October and March. The weather is so mild and pleasant during these months, the demand for air conditioning or heating drops to a minimum. The tourists go home and the locals turn their HVAC systems off and open the windows. When this happens, HVAC Contractors begin scrambling to keep a good supply of work for the above reasons, among others.

So, if you are a thrifty and patient consumer, try to have as much air conditioning and heating work as you can, performed during the off-season. You are guaranteed to save money---hundreds of dollars in some cases, and you'll be helping your local HVAC Contractors survive during the off-season.

As always, we recommend our company above any of our competitors, but at least make sure you use a HVAC Contractor that is licensed by the State of Florida and insured--otherwise, you're taking a huge chance of being ripped off by a contractor that may take advantage of you.
Florida has some of the most stringent licensing laws in the U.S. regulating the HVAC Industry and other Professional Trades. Using a licensed contractor gives you the benefit of having the "State" on your side if something goes wrong---using a "jack leg" or unlicensed contractor normally doesn't.
Even though most licensed companies charge more for their services, they normally do better work, use better products and materials, and carry insurance & Worker's Compensation to cover any kind of damage or liability. Unlicensed contractors rarely carry any kind of insurance and when something does go wrong, they can't be found. Protect yourself by using licensed and insured contractors, even if it's not us here at Quincy's A/C.


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